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Business Growth With Digital Marketing Strategies


What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategy is an action plan that helps you in generating sales, lead
profits and build your presence in the Digital Market. It is a process of implementing
creative ideas for improving your website traffic and trying to generate maximum
sales and profit.

Different Digital Marketing Strategies:

Some of the Digital Marketing Strategies are

  1. Pay Per Click
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Link Building

Call Bharat – The Top Digital Marketing Agency which helps you in dealing with all these
digital marketing strategies to help you rank at the top and generate high sales and
Let us explore one by one,

1. Pay Per Click:


Pay Per Click is a Digital Marketing Strategy in which the advertiser will be paying for
each time the user clicks.
PPC is a paid Ad strategy that is selected while running Paid Ads like Text Ads,
Video Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads.

→ Text Ads: Text Ads is written text ad by the advertiser. These text ads are commonly
shown in Search Engine Result Pages. If somebody searches for a query then
search engines match the keywords and show the related ads and results in

→ Video Ads: Video Ads are those ads in which videos are promoted to convey the
content to create a visual impact on customers and usually nowadays everybody is
interested in watching videos.

→ Shopping Ads: Shopping Ads are those ads that actually display your products
and services to customers searching for related content. These ads are commonly
used by e-commerce websites.

→ Display Ads: Display Ads are those ads in which it will be displaying the
graphical poster or banner created by the advertiser in search networks, blog websites,
news websites, etc.

2. Social Media Marketing:


Social Media Marketing is a Digital Marketing Strategy that deals with social media
platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linked In, Pinterest, Tumbler,
etc. Social Media Marketing means promoting your products and services using
social media channels to generate maximum sales and leads and creating social
media presence.

The benefits of Social Media Marketing are
● Create Brand Awareness
● Promote Your Products and Services
● Generate High Website Traffic
● Produce High Leads
● Build Customer Relationship
● Build Brand Loyalty
● Improve Search Engine Optimization
● Audience Engagement
● Cost-Effective
● High Market Reach

3. Search Engine Marketing:


Search Engine Marketing is a Digital Marketing Strategy that deals with promoting
your brand, products, services, and website using paid strategies and ads.
Search Engine Marketing deals with paid ads like
→ Search Ads
→ Display Ads
→ Video Ads
→ Shopping ads
→ Native Ads

Some Platforms for Search Engine Marketing are
→ Google Ads
→ Bing Ads
→ Facebook Ads
→ Outbrain

4. Search Engine Optimization:


Search Engine Optimization is a long term Digital Marketing Strategy that deals in
optimizing content, keywords, and website to be better and create high domain
authority to be top in SERPs.
SEO is a cost-effective way of digital marketing. It takes more time to get you in top
results but by applying the right strategies we can rank on top. SEO generates
organic traffic which doesn’t cost us and decreases our advertising budgets.

Some SEO factors are
→ On-Page Factors
→ Off-Page Factors
→ Local Factors
→ Technical Factors

5. Content Marketing:


Content Marketing deals with posting and publishing useful, relevant, and sound
content that directly connects audiences and engages them in a website which
leads to generate high website traffic and sales.

Types of Content Marketing
● Blog Content Marketing
● Infographic Content Marketing
● Podcast Content Marketing
● Video Content Marketing
● Social Media Content Marketing

6. Email Marketing:


Email Marketing is a mode of marketing that deals in sending emails to the customers
who are interested in your related products and services including different offers,
discounts, coupons, and services you provide.
It is also a cost-effective method of Digital Marketing. Using Email Marketing we can
target our subscribers and previous customers by sending them updates on the latest
products, festival offers and discounts, and many more.

Types of Email Marketing
● Lead Nurturing Emails.
● Sponsorship Emails.
● Transactional Emails.
● Re-Engagement Emails.
● Brand Story Emails.

7. Link Building:

Link Building is a Digital Marketing Strategy that deals in building backlinks from
authorized and reputed websites which lead to an increase in domain authority. Link
The building is an Off-Page SEO factor that is done back-end to help the website rank top
in SERPs.

Types Of Backlinks:

  1. Do-Follow Links: Do-Follow links are those links that say Goggle to follow
    the website which creates authority and helps you rank at the top.
  2. No-Follow Links: No-Follow links are those links that say Google to not
    follow the link which has less impact in increasing domain authority.


So these are some of the Digital Marketing Strategies which help your website to
rank on top, create brand awareness, generates website traffic, generates sales
and profits. Digital Marketing is the latest trending market because nowadays
everyone is online and wants everything online. This online market is boosting
now, actually, after the covid-19 pandemic, everyone is health conscious and wants every
daily need and all types of products online.

Call Bharat is a leading Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad which provides all
types of Digital Marketing Services and helps Businesses, Companies, and startups
to generate high leads and sales.


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