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Role of Google Ads in Boosting Business Sales

As of the present scenario every day new businesses are established and competition is at its peak. Everyone is trying to put their business on top and trying to generate maximum sales.

google ads

Google Ads:

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that allows you to create and publish your ads on search engine result pages, youtube, and different websites.

Google Ads provides you various ad options, bidding strategies, campaigns, and more to promote your products and services. It also allows you in selecting your preferred audiences, location, age groups, gender, and more to reach your potential customers.

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Types Of Google Ads:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Application Ads

Check it one by one

Search Ads:

Search ads are the text ads that are appeared on search engine result pages. When a person enters his/her query google tries to get relevant search results. And in those search results, the first four results are Ads that are created by google ads. You may also have experienced it, you can see an “Ad.” Symbol before the text. Your Ads will be shown according to the relative keywords matching to the search query

Display Ads:

search ads

Display Ads are those ads that appear on different websites and display as a banner in between text or shown beside the text.
When some website is getting more traffic then google ads provide you an option to be their website partner. It allows in creating Adsense Account. This helps Google in placing display ads on your website. When somebody clicks on those ads the website owner gets some compensation from Google Ads.
Display Ads are shown in maximum best and good ranking websites which have good website traffic so that Google Ad customer gets maximum clicks and leads.

Video Ads:

video ads

Video Ads are those ads we watch while using youtube. Google Ads allows us to create video ads that may have skippable, bumper, non-skippable, out-stream, and Ad sequence ads.
When you create a video campaign and run the ad, then your ad will be visible to the selected audiences and you have a good chance of generating clicks and leads.
Maximum people prefer to watch video content because it provides us maximum valuable content and we can convey our thoughts in a short period of time and delivers graphical visual content.

Shopping Ads:

Shopping ads are mainly for eCommerce and shopping stores, and these directly display their product’s image, price, and product link so that customers can directly click on it and purchase it.

These ads are shown on both search engine result pages and other websites. We can easily get connected to the potential customer who is searching for a particular product.

Application Ads:

These ads are shown to those people who are searching for relevant applications and they get these ads are shown so that they may install a particular application.
Example: If someone is searching for a food order then they also get an application ad for food delivery application who are running the ads.

Different Bidding Strategies to know:

Target CPA

  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Maximize Conversion Value
  • CPC
  • Maximize Clicks
  • CPM
  • CPV

Let us explore

→ Target CPA:
Target CPA refers to Target Cost Per Acquisition. This bidding strategy will help those who are focusing on converting users to leads for minimum cost per acquisition. In this bidding strategy, some conversions may cost more and some may cost less. These may get complicated when you cannot set your cost per acquisition.

→ Target ROAS:
Target ROAS refers to Target Return On Ad Spend. In This Bidding strategy, you will be getting a full report of revenue you generate per each rupee you spend. The benefit of this strategy is you will be getting maximum conversions for the amount you spend.

→ Maximize Conversions:
This bidding strategy sets your bid automatically and tries to generate maximum conversions for the budget you have set. At last, you can check your conversions and the sales you generated from those conversions. Then you can decide your bidding strategy accordingly.

→ Maximize Conversion Value:
This Bidding strategy is introduced newly by google in August 2019. It also has similar functions likely to Target ROAS. It deals in getting maximum conversions as per your budget. It sets bid automatically to generate maximum conversions at a possible less amount.

→ CPC:
CPC refers to Cost Per Click. CPC deals in charging advertisers on each click are made on the ad you run. It is like if nobody clicks your ad you will not be charged. Example: If you get 10 clicks on your ad and you had set for 10 rupees for each click then, you will be charged 100 rupees for your ad.

→ Maximize clicks:
Maximize clicks refer to generating maximum clicks for the budget you have set. Example: If your budget amount is 1000 and you had run an ad with a bidding strategy to maximize clicks then Google will try to generate maximum clicks for the budget amount you set.

→ CPM:
CPM refers to Cost per Mille or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This bidding strategy is mainly used by those advertisers who are focusing on creating brand awareness. In this strategy, the advertiser will be charged for every 1000 impressions.

→ CPV:
CPV refers to Cost Per View. This Bidding strategy is used by those advertisers who focus on generating maximum views. In this bidding strategy, the advertiser will be charged for each view you get for your ad.


At last, I want to declare is Google Ads play an important role in creating brand awareness, boost your sales, generate more clicks & leads and help your business to grow faster. You have many features of selecting audiences, location, age, and gender according to your product. You can also place your bidding strategy according to your product and services and you can also, place an automatic bidding strategy.
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